Meet the Team

We are a small team of friendly and creative people really looking forward to getting to know you.

Claudette Evans

I’m Claudette and before retiring to Wales to pursue my many hobbies, I was a professional musician, performing, teaching, as well as songwriting and recording local artists in my Studio.

Now I have time to enjoy writing, in particular short stories, photography, drawing, and making videos along with looking after my two dogs. Combining all these skills has resulted in several successful fun ‘dog’ based songs posted on YouTube!

So, I’m really excited to see what you have to offer in the way of stories and/or photographs.

Email me:

Izzy Thomas

I’m Izzy and I’m a musician and music teacher based in Cardiff. My absolute favorite thing is giving people positive musical experiences – often people are led to believe they are unmusical because of bad experiences when they were younger. I believe everyone is capable of making music and I look forward to helping you build your skills at singing or on your instrument of choice!
Let’s make the most of this time and do something you’ve always wanted to do. I look forward to meeting you and getting started!

Email me:

Joel Jordan

Hi, I’m Joel and I have taught bass, guitar, and ukulele professionally for the past three years.

Looking forward to sharing what I know with individuals who are interested in any of these instruments!

André van Wyk

Hi, I’m André and I work for Awen Cultural Trust.
I am married and have two lovely children. They are the ones you would have seen doing their own take on the original song Strong.
I love hearing people talk about their lives and what inspires them, so why not give me a call to tell me about your fond memories growing up and your sporting achievements.
I’ll help you capture those precious moments and together create a video or sound recording you and your loved ones can treasure.
Hope we can speak soon!

Email me:
Phone: 07591200119

Mike Church

I’ve written poetry for  many years and  represented Wales  at the first ever  National UK Poetry Slam  in 1997 at the Watershed Centre in Bristol (I like to think of this as my one Welsh cap!).
Since 2007 I’ve been visiting schools (100+ a year), prisons, parks, castles, football stadiums, residential homes and squash courts….yes poetry in a squash court in Aberdare! In 2019 I was asked to tell a bedtime story at the Millennium Stadium to over 100 people sleeping out to raise awareness of homelessness.

I will be doing the Stronger Together Live Readings every week.

Gordon Farmer

Gordon is our resident portrait artist as can be seen from his own self-portrait to the right.

He has been fondly described by Max Boyce as the Picasso of the Garw! In his own words, he draws for two reasons namely for pleasure and as a form of self-therapy as he struggles with back pain and is partially sighted.

He lives with his wife Moyra and that is herself a creative force forever knitting and embodying.

Why not post or e-mail a good clear portrait photo of yourself or your pet and Gordon might just do a portrait drawing to treasure!

On the other hand…if you like drawing then he would like to see your work. Again, simply post it on the Facebook Page and start the creative conversation.

Shaun Keddy

I’m Shaun, I teach and play ukulele within the community. I founded Maesteg Ukulele Club in 2015 and brought like-minded people together. Through this I found myself leading and teaching in the club, which developed into a separate beginner’s group. Many beginners have gone on to join the club. The club has performed at many festivals, events, and residential homes.
As well as performing with the club, I have performed solo at various events. Lately, I started dipping the waters by pushing the boat out and having a go at songwriting.
I’m available for anyone that wants to learn the ukulele or needs advice.
Phone: 07747 425035

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