Media Release Policy

All particiopants/contrabutors to the Stronger Together Bridgend project need formally register their concent by completing the Media Release Form located either on this website or in the printed Resource Pack they recieved via the post.

By so doing signed up project participants fully agree to Awen Cultural Trust, Bridgend County Borough Council and any third party processer (working on behalf of Awen) to use images, film, writing and audio created/captured/contributed during this project

  1. use without any particular reference to any other personal details unless explicit consent has been provided for specific purposes. E.g Case Studies
  2. i do not own copyright or have any rights of ownership over the images and audio.
  3. the photos and audio may be used in both printed and electronic form and only for the purposes given.
  4. editing may be required by Awen or by agents authorised by Awen for quality or technical purpose
  5. the image(s) and audio will be stored securely in appropriate file formats on servers belonging to Awen and/or its authorised
  6. I accept that Awen will keep the images/audio and use them for aperiod it considers appropriate but for no longer than 5 years.
  7. Photographers/Videographers will sign a consent to confirm that they are unable to use images/film/audio for thier own purposes without prior consent being obtained.
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