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I’ve written poetry for many years and represented Wales at the first-ever  National UK Poetry Slam in 1997 at the Watershed Centre in Bristol (I like to think of this as my one Welsh cap!).
Since 2007 I’ve been visiting schools (100+ a year), prisons, parks, castles, football stadiums, residential homes, and squash courts….yes poetry in a squash court in Aberdare! In 2019 I was asked to tell a bedtime story at the Millennium Stadium to over 100 people sleeping out to raise awareness of homelessness.”

(from his website)
Mike will be doing weekly ‘live’ readings from the many local stories that he has collected working with many local groups across the borough and indeed Wales.
Here is an example of how Mike does it!

In fact, some of you might have taken part (or know someone that has) in the resent Cultural Olympage project. He will definitely be reading Life Beyond The Shed Door!

Also, the creative writing you contribute through Stronger Together will be brought to life by Mike’s passionate and engaging reading style.

To hear and see Mike reading ‘live’ visit our Facebook Page every Friday at 2 pm, but if you miss it we are recording it for you to listen again and again.

If you have requests for him to read or just want to tell us what you are currently reading then please send us an e-mail today.

First LIVE READING / Fri 22-05-20

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