We Help You Tell Your Story…

Stronger Together Bridgend exists to help capture and share widely the valuable stories of older members of our community in innovative and creative ways.

We believe that it is essential for individuals to be socially connected, to be able to express their individual creativity and to feel valued for their particular contribution to the whole.

Who Can Be Involved?
* Any individual living in and around the borough of Bridgend that is aged 50 years and above.
* Any organization or group that focuses on activities/services for older adults.

What We Offer?
Initially, at the start of lockdown (2020), we had an offer of nine specific creative challenges, but what we have found to be really popular has been the story capture element of it.

And so as a way of sharing these stories we started doing weekly live broadcasts on Facebook that have proved very popular and useful for reaching more people of all ages and hopefully we are helping to break down barriers in the process.

So, in summary…

Here is what we offer people living at home:

  • Digitally recording their stories, memories, creative writing either by phone conversation or via the internet.
  • Those captured stories are then turned into videos that participants might choose to keep private just for their use or with their media consent shared far and wide as part of the STB media feed online including the STB live broadcast on Fridays and podcast coming soon.

Here is what we are currently developing to deliver with care homes and day centers:

These broadcasts take the form of a magazine-style arts and culture show featuring content created with participants of the project such as creative writing combined with photography, personal testimonies, fond memories, sporting stories, music performances, and good news reporting in partnership with community-based organizations and individuals willing to share.

How To Get Involved?

If you (or if you represent an organization/group) want to take part and benefit from this work then please do not hesitate to contact us as follows…

E-mail: andre.van.wyk@awen-wales.com

Mobile: 07591 200119

If you do decide to get involved after reaching out to us then we ask you to complete the official registration form including giving us media consent for anything we record with you and that you are happy to share with the world.

Our project name (Stronger Together Bridgend) is based on the opening line to a song created by the Bridgend Carers Choir – “Off Duty” entitled ‘Strong’.
“How did we get here? This was never our plan. When times are hardest…. Will you be strong?” 

‘Strong’ is written by Isabel Thomas with members of Off Duty.
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